The Wrath of the Gods

Anthony Horowitz

Ages 7 to 11
21 June 2012
144 pages


A collection of five bite-size myths from across the globe, The Wrath of the Gods by Anthony Horowitz includes exciting tales from Greek, Norse and Inuit mythology.

Part of the Legends series of six books, The Wrath of the Gods tells the dramatic stories of those who dared to disobey the heavens - and it does not pay to anger the gods . . . If you’re lucky, you might just end up being transformed into a spider, falling hopelessly in love with your reflection or being hunted by your own hounds.

And if you’re unlucky? Well . . . read on . . .

Featuring black and white illustrations, the Legends series by Anthony Horowitz, the author of the phenomenally successful Alex Rider series, brings classic stories to life with thrilling imagination.