Out on 16 January 2025
Book cover for Rose/House




16 January 2025
128 pages
Imprint: Tor


Martine’s soaring, crystalline prose evokes Shirley Jackson’s Hill House if designed by Frank Gehry. She builds a twisted cathedral of story and fills every inch with equal parts beauty and a creeping, inescapable sense of wrongness. Readers will be floored
[The Haunting of Hill House is] a hard act to riff on without simply producing a lesser version, and yet Rose/House manages it dramatically and delightfully
Tight and unsettling . . . a story that’s stylish, discomforting and strangely believable . . . Rose/House is a freaky love letter to architecture, weird and otherwise
While a mystery story raises questions in order to answer them and reset order in a disordered world, Rose/House deconstructs that process and reassembles the pieces into something other – or perhaps Other. The spirit that haunts this story is not that of the locked-room puzzle but something stranger and not at all reassuring