The Wizard's Daughter

Barbara Michaels

07 September 2017
224 pages


In The Wizard's Daughter beautiful and spirited Marianne Ransom has to use all her wits and looks to survive the cruel life of an orphan on the perilous backstreets of Victorian London. But it is her gift of second sight that carries her into the world of money and privilege – a power brought on by a strange twist of fate . . .

In the opulent Scottish castle of a wealthy duchess, Marianne is being called upon to summon her late father – a noted mystic – from the grave. But her exceptional abilities have become a perilous trap. And suddenly knowing too much could prove fatal.

Séances, ghostly apparitions and romantic intrigues abound in this wonderful Gothic suspense by New York Times bestseller Barbara Michaels.

Barbara Michaels is a consummate storyteller