Black Rainbow

Barbara Michaels

07 September 2017
270 pages


Set in the turbulent North of England during the Crimean War, Black Rainbow is a thrilling Gothic romance by New York Times bestseller Barbara Michaels.

When Megan O’Neill arrives at Greyhaven Manor one moonlit night, an ominous black rainbow hangs in the sky. It seems like a sinister warning to stay away, but her fears are soon banished by the warmth and kindness of the aristocratic Mandeville family – and her growing obsession with her handsome, mysterious new employer blinds her to the darkness within . . .

But the price of desire is more than she could ever have imagined. And the shocking secrets enclosed in Grayhaven's walls threaten to pull Megan into the terrifying shadows, never to emerge again.

Barbara Michaels is a consummate storyteller
Sprightly gothic-romance-suspense