Meet Me in the In-Between

Bella Pollen

17 May 2018
336 pages


Driven by curiosity and possibility, writer Bella Pollen has always maintained a double life, navigating between a fierce love of family and the yearning for escape until one day, a strange encounter changes everything . . .

What does it take to work out who you really are and where you truly belong? From mafia-in-laws to fashion failures to neighbours from hell, Pollen’s search for answers is a dazzling and powerful odyssey through the conflicting desires and roles of women in today’s confusing world. Interwoven with passages of graphic art by award-winning illustrator Kate Boxer, Meet Me in the In-between is a renegade memoir that takes readers all over the world before bringing them back home again.

Bella Pollen creates magic
A writer you need to read
Pollen captivatingly mixes graphics with prose to tell of her upbringing, swinging back and forth between binaries (transatlantic homes, riches-to-rags love affairs). Think Eat, Pray, Love - finding yourself, laughing, and taking what you need even when it's not what you wanted - only cooler