Hunting Unicorns

Bella Pollen

02 January 2004
368 pages


American Maggie Monroe is a journalist for New York's hard-hitting current affairs show Newsline. Independent and fearless, the more cutting-edge the story, the happier she is. But when her next assignment turns out to be an in-depth documentary on the decline of England's ruling classes, she's furious at being sent to cover a bloody tea party.

Meet the Earl and Countess of Bevan, eccentric, maddening and with family secrets to hide.

Meet Daniel Bevan - their eldest son. Funny, attractive and hopelessly alcoholic.

Meet Daniel's responsible brother Rory - angry, self-mocking and strictly teetotal.

When Maggie discovers Rory to be an uninvited chaperone on the first stop of her journey the two look set to clash. Maggie finds herself torn between her journalist ideals and coming to terms with a greater understanding. This unlikely romantic comedy paints an endearing portrait of a family, which like so many others, holds itself together despite its evident frailties.

‘Hilariously accurate . . . A gifted writer with a pithy, poetic style’ Wendy Holden, Daily Mail