Wild City

Ben Hoare

Illustrated by Lucy Rose

Ages 7 to 11
15 September 2022
64 pages


Take an unforgettable tour around the world to meet the creatures that share our city spaces – from bears to bats, penguins to opossums – and learn about how they have adapted and thrived in this gorgeously illustrated gift book written by award-winning natural history journalist Ben Hoare.

Wild City travels the globe, exploring how animals have adapted to live alongside humans, in busy cities including New York, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Stockholm, London, Alexandria, Singapore and Mumbai. Discover hawks by a world-famous shopping street, snakes slithering through city sewers, and penguins waiting patiently to cross the road. Feature spreads take a closer look at the animals, showing how some wander in plain sight while others hide away in our homes, and we meet wildlife heroes from around the world – ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make our wild neighbours feel welcome.

Lyrical and factual text written by the award-winning Ben Hoare is perfectly complemented by Lucy Rose's stunning illustrations. The beautiful cityscapes are full of detail with something new to discover with every look.

Wild City by Ben Hoare (editorial consultant for BBC Wildlife) introduces some of the magnificent wildlife among us every single day. Interesting facts give explanations of how different urban settings help animals thrive – you’ll find out why Cape Town’s weather attracts lots of sea life, and where reptiles like to hang out in Bangkok – while detailed illustrations will leave you with an impression of what these global cities feel like overall. The countryside is welcoming for its own finds, but Wild City shows us that you don’t have to leave town to discover the cool wildlife around
There are wild creatures to be found even in the heart of the world's biggest cities. This illustrated non-fiction book studies some of the animals that share urban spaces with people, including bats, bears and penguins and shows how they have adapted in order to thrive.
Meet the amazing animals who share our city spaces in this illustrated non-fiction title. From New York’s chipmunks to penguins in Cape Town, this fascinating nature trip around the world’s cities is full of interesting facts and creatures