Activists Assemble - Save Your Planet

Ben Hoare

Illustrated by Jade Orlando

Ages 8 to 11
18 March 2021
64 pages


The world can seem a scary place to live. Forests are burning, plastic is filling the oceans and the air is polluted. But we can all help save the planet – including you!

Activists Assemble — Save Your Planet details the major current environmental issues, why they occur, and how they can be resolved. Written by the former Feature Editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine Ben Hoare and beautifully illustrated by Jade Orlando, discover how and why the world is getting hotter, the consequences of deforestation, and the impact of too many vehicles. Become a real-life super hero and help to protect the environment - from quick and easy fixes to changes that could have a long-term global effect. Meet the famous faces leading the way in the worldwide crusade to be more environmentally friendly and take the quiz to find out just how green you truly are. . . and could be. This is our planet we can save it!

An activity section gives readers the opportunity to explore environmentalism further: they can test their eco-hero knowledge, start important conversations using the 'discussion time' questions, as well as space to write down their thoughts and observations.

Getting any reader to grasp the urgency of our planet’s environmental threats, without reducing them to hopelessness and eco-anxiety is a mighty task. Hats off to the author – he strikes a fine balance. Morbid challenges like population growth, habitat loss and hunting are told in truth but are equally balanced with colourful, playful illustrations.
this book offers young readers a grounding in the problems facing the planet: pollution, endangered species, climate change, the peril of plastic and so on. It’s colourful, approachable, informative and fun but has a serious point to make. Start young to save the planet!