Out on 01 April 2021

Snip Snap

Ben Newman

Baby and toddler
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01 April 2021
32 pages

Chaos ensues when a crocodile who has been minding her own business (and her egg!) gets a sharp nip on the tail! Specially developed and tested with his own preschool-aged children by Ben Newman, the illustrator of the bestselling Professor Astro Cat series.

It’s peaceful and quiet by the river bank, where a crocodile watches over her eggs. But when the crab goes SNIP! SNIP! both noise and mayhem follow! Splish-splosh ... flap-flap ... wobble-wobble ... crick-crack - and all from one naughty little nip!

Based on common animal noises and miming games played by preschool children everywhere, the onomatopoeic words in this story are easy to remember and say together – perfect for young children who love to join in.
Rhythmic words and dynamic, expressive illustrations help this joyful story of consequences to motor along, with special cut-away pages to add to the fun.

A book to come back to again and again, Snip Snap is a deceptively simple story about friendship, family, forgiveness – and of course, the great joys of being naughty!