Brandon Stanton

Stephanie Johnson

12 July 2022
192 pages


Reeling from a brutal childhood, immersed in a world of go-go dancers and hustlers, dirty cops and gangsters, Stephanie Johnson was determined to become the fiercest thing the city had ever seen. And she succeeded. This is her story.

The storytelling phenomenon Humans of New York has captivated a global audience of millions with personal narratives that illuminate the human condition. But one story stands apart from the rest . . .

She is a woman as fabulous, unbowed, and irresistible as the city she lives in.

Meet Tanqueray.

Humans of New York featured a photo of a woman in an outrageous fur coat and hat she made herself. She instantly captured the attention of millions. Her name is Stephanie Johnson, but she’s better known as 'Tanqueray,' a born performer who emerged from a troubled youth to become one of the best-known burlesque dancers in New York City.

Real, raw, and unapologetically honest, this is the full story of Tanqueray as told by Brandon Stanton – a memoir filled with never-before-told stories of Tanqueray's struggles and triumphs through good times and bad, personal photos from her own collection, and glimpses of New York City from back in the day when the name 'Tanqueray' was on everyone’s lips.

A deeply touching memoir . . . A beautiful, sometimes shocking story, kept out of the lily-white, upper crust canon of literature — until now
Outrageously funny, raw and unfiltered, and quintessentially New York City, the true-life story of Tanqueray will seduce and fascinate you
Hypnotizing . . . this has it all: humor, intrigue, and heart