Out on 22 June 2023

The House Hunt

C. M. Ewan

22 June 2023
432 pages


The House Hunt is a heart-pounding, claustrophobic thriller from C. M. Ewan, acclaimed author of The Interview, A Window Breaks and the half-a-million-copy bestseller Safe House. A homeowner shows a man around her house unaware that her life is in danger.

Your estate agent calls.

She’s running late and needs you to show a man around your home.

You let him in and begin the tour.

But something about him feels wrong.

You ask him to leave and he refuses.

Then he tells you something about you – something inconceivable.

Why? And how far would you go to find the truth?

C M Ewan never once drops the pace in this heart-pounding rollercoaster of a thriller that had me up all night.
A brilliant hook, a breakneck game of cat and mouse, and twists galore: Ewan always delivers . . .
A terrifying, heart-stopping ride and a highly original and deeply disturbing thriller. I've been a Chris Ewan fan for a while, but in this book he soars to another level entirely.