From edge-of-your-seat psychological thrillers to gripping period crime novels, 2019 has been a nail-biting year for crime and thriller books. Ann Cleeves returned with The Long Call, the first in her brilliant new Two Rivers series, while A Nearly Normal Family was the psychological thriller of the summer, keeping readers guessing to the very end.  And there’s a wealth of exciting new crime and thriller books to look forward to in 2020 too. Here, we’ve curated our edit of the best thrillers and crime novels of 2019, and we look ahead to the books that will keep you turning the pages in the year to come.


Best crime and thriller books of 2019


New crime and thriller books to come in 2020


For even more edge of your seat recommendations, watch the Book Break episode below, where Emma shares the psychological thrillers everyone is going to be talking about this year: