Out on 23 November 2023

The Escape

Ruth Kelly

23 November 2023
400 pages


The grander the home. The darker the secrets.

From bestselling author Ruth Kelly, The Escape is an electrifying winter thriller for fans of Lisa Jewell and Sarah Pearse.

A Perfect Escape

When struggling influencer couple Adele and Jack post a crowdfunding video online, they're amazed by a mysterious benefactor's offer: to buy them an idyllic 17th century French château. It’s the lifeline they need to leave all their troubles behind – and patch up their relationship after a rocky period.

A Hostile Town

For Adele, it’s a dream come true. She will post videos from the fairytale setting, renovating the grand building as thousands of online subscribers follow their journey. But the château is not all it seems, and the local community is far from welcoming.

A Search For The Truth

Suddenly, Adele stops uploading. The videos stop, her feeds go silent. Her sister Erin travels to France to make sure she's okay, but the couple have vanished. Erin is determined to find them, but is disturbed by Adele's obsessive fans, the unsettling history of the château and the claustrophobic secrecy of the nearby town. And first, she must unravel the shocking truth: why did that anonymous investor gift Adele and Jack their dream home?

Praise for The Villa: A deliciously addictive thriller that will hook you in like the best – and scariest – reality TV show you’ve ever seen’
Praise for The Villa: 'A scorching, smouldering, turbo-charged cocktail of sun, sex and secrets'