The Villa

Ruth Kelly

22 June 2023
432 pages


'Couldn't put this down. Read it in two days' Five Star Reader Review

‘A deliciously addictive thriller’ – TM Logan, author of The Holiday and The Mother

Death and mayhem erupt on an exclusive island as it plays host to a reality television show like no other . . . From bestselling author Ruth Kelly, The Villa is an electrifying summer read, perfect for fans of Lucy Foley and Catherine Cooper.

It’s destined to be the ultimate reality TV show. Ten contestants. A luxurious villa on a private island. Every moment streamed live to a global audience who have total control over those competing for the cash prize.

Reporter Laura is told to get the inside scoop on her fellow contestants. But once the games begin, she soon finds herself at the mercy of a ruthless producer willing to do anything to increase viewer numbers.

There is more to every contestant than meets the eye, including Laura. They all have secrets they’d like to keep buried, and the pressure in paradise quickly reaches boiling point. How far will the contestants go to secure audience votes? And would somebody really kill to win?

'A scorching, smouldering, turbo-charged cocktail of sun, sex and secrets' – Veronica Henry

Readers are loving The Villa:

'This really kept me reading through some late nights and I couldn't wait to see how it ended' Five Star Reader Review

'This was a really addictive read!' Five Star Reader Review

'Fast-paced and exciting' Five Star Reader Review

'I absolutely loved this; it was exactly the book I needed right now' Five Star Reader Review

‘A deliciously addictive thriller that will hook you in like the best – and scariest – reality TV show you’ve ever seen’
Set to be the hottest read of 2023, The Villa is a scorching, smouldering, turbo-charged cocktail of sun, sex and secrets. Ruth Kelly has redefined the airport thriller for our times. Fantastic!
A 'Love Island' type setting, an undercover journalist and a cast of characters who can't be trusted - what could possibly go wrong? A glamorous backdrop and some unexpected twists - great fun