At a Time Like This

Catherine Dunne

14 August 2014
288 pages


Four women gather to celebrate their friendship. A quarter-century of intimacies shared, betrayals survived, differences reconciled.

There is Claire, with her unsuitable men; she knows that life will never give her the one thing she has always wanted. Nora, the perfect housewife, has kept something hidden from her friends for over twenty-five years. Maggie has been unhappily married to Ray for longer than she cares to remember. And then there is Georgie, feisty and opinionated, who has had her own way more than is good for her.

But tonight, the complex web of spouses, lovers and secrets that has bound them all together is about to unravel. And one of the four women plans not to be there.

At a Time Like This, things can never be the same again . . .

‘Dunne is such a gifted storyteller that she credibly recreates a world that pulls the reader in deep . . . '

Evening Herald