Missing Julia

Catherine Dunne

21 May 2015
352 pages


A powerful and compelling story which explores one of the most difficult decisions we might ever have to make.

One morning in October, William Harris is confronted by the shocking disappearance of the woman he loves.

Julia Seymour has vanished without trace - from his life, from her daughter's and from her own. Her sudden departure seems to be both deliberate and final.

But William is determined to find her. In the days that follow, he tries to piece together what might have driven her away. His search takes him to London, to India - and to Julia's life before he met her.

In the process, William discovers secrets about Julia's past that challenge and disturb his view of all they shared together. Secrets that illuminate the present in ways he could never have expected.

Praise for Catherine Dunne

'A real touch of Jodi Picoult . . . a domestic setting . . . tension . . . and a little bit of darkness'

Arena Arts Review, RTÉ Radio 1