Released on 10 March 2016.

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The Years That Followed

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It is 1960's Dublin. Calista is young, beautiful and headstrong. When she falls in love with Alexandros and moves to Cyprus, she can never imagine the torment and destruction the marriage will bring to her life and to that of her family. The consequences stir in Calista such an intense desire for revenge that she can never rest until the final act.
Pilar has grown up in rural Spain and she vows that she will never again return to a life of poverty. She spends her life striving for success and searching for the one thing she knows will make her happy.
In the end, the lives and families of these two women become inextricably linked in terrible tragedy which will send shock-waves through their families.

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In Calista and Pilar, Dunne has created two very different, but equally intriguing characters, and it is impossible not to root for them as they battle to forge their own way in a world where men hold sway
Irish Independent
Poignant and satisfying
Exciting, elegant, urgent, true - her writing is all of these things and more. One of Ireland's best novelists
Roddy Doyle