The Roses of Roazon

Cherith Baldry

Age 16 +
24 October 2013
544 pages


When icon painter Alissende presents Joscelin, the new Duke of Roazon, with a beautifully depicted image that shows the divinity as a Healer, she is not aware of the impact her painting will have on the history of Avorig. The Church agrees that their deity has so far only shown himself as a Warrior or Judge and has acute difficulties in accepting, this new worldview, except as a heresy.

Before Joscelin is forced to abdicate, having become strongly convinced of this new message, he and his closest following - including Sir Valery de Vaux and his cousin Bertrand - flee from the holy city and try and find refuge in one of the neighbouring castles.

The new political situation opens the gates for opposition and intrigue from other noblemen who claim the throne for themselves and therefore Joscelin and his people find themselves, on an eventful and dangerous journey before they can try to return to Roazon. And above all they are confronted with an evil power that has been lurking beneath the sea for aeons, and is only known through myths. When Autrys rises again, its intention is to eliminate not only Duke Joscelin but the whole of Roazon and the values it stands for.