The Scar

China Miéville

2003 Winner

Locus Award Best Fantasy Novel

2003 Nominee

The Arthur C. Clarke Award

2003 Nominee

BSFA Award for Best Novel

2003 Nominee

Hugo Award For Best Novel

2003 Nominee

World Fantasy Awards Best Novel

06 May 2011
816 pages


Winner of the British Fantasy Award, The Scar by China Miéville is a colossal fantasy of incredible diversity and spellbinding imagination, set in the richly visualized world of Bas-Lag.

A human cargo bound for servitude in exile . . .

A pirate city hauled across the oceans . . .

A hidden miracle about be revealed . . .

These are the ingredients of an astonishing story. It is the story of a prisoner's journey. Of the search for the island of a forgotten people, for the most astonishing beast in the seas, and ultimately for a fabled place - a massive wound in reality, a source of unthinkable power and danger.