Side Hustle

Chris Guillebeau

10 January 2019
272 pages


From the New York Times bestselling author of $100 Startup, Chris Guillebeau, comes this accessible guide to building a side business from scratch – without having to give up your day job.

Fueling your passion alongside your primary job, Guillebeau presents an ultimate 27-day plan to brainstorm, choose, implement, launch and refine your side hustle – while staying within budget.

Side Hustle presents an impactful manual for financial freedom in the modern age. Much more than just making some extra cash, it’s about freedom and job security in today’s unstable business environment. That’s because when you receive income from multiple different sources, you are no longer dependent on the whims of a single employer. It affords you choices and options.

With inspiring stories and practical exercises, this is all you need to unlock your journey toward a stable and fulfilling work-life balance.

Chris Guillebeau is back with another book that will teach you not just how to earn more, but ultimately how to live better ... You can establish your own side hustle in just 5 weeks — with a minimal amount of money and with skills you already have. Which raises a question: What’s stopping you?
Straightforward, and packs in lots of tips . . . An ideal guide
The essential guide for anyone who wants to create more freedom, opportunity, and security ... Packed with practical tips and strategies — illustrated by compelling stories of real-life hustles — that will inspire readers to start their side hustles now