Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro Island Designer

Claire Lister

Ages 6-8
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16 September 2021
64 pages

You've settled on your island paradise, but now it's time to really make it your own. Animal Crossing New Horizons Pro Island Designer will give you the tools to unlock ultimate creative freedom and create a five-star island!

Discover how to combine furniture items to create themed areas such as diners, gyms and bandstands for your islanders to perform on, as well as how to master the Custom Design Editor app on your NookPhone to elevate these areas to the next level by adding your own personal flair to furniture items and outfits. Featuring step-by-step guides and how-to's, checklists for required items and DIY recipes and tutorials on making custom designs for each area, you'll soon have everything you need to make your dream island uniquely yours.