Keep Me Close

Clare Francis

12 September 2013
464 pages


Catherine Galitza has been badly injured by an intruder in her own home. In the months before, there had been a string of nuisance calls. Are the events connected? Has someone been stalking her?

As Catherine begins her slow and painful recovery, two men seem intent on uncovering the truth: her husband's business partner, the intense, prickly Simon Jardine, who harbours an almost obsessive devotion to Catherine; and the self-made Irish hotelier Terry Devlin, once a benign figure in Catherine's childhood, now with a reputation for ruthlessness. But which of these men has Catherine's real interests at heart?

Then the police arrest and charge a suspect.

Yet Catherine's watcher is with her. And she has no way of knowing who she can trust.

'Crime novels with action to keep you guessing until the very end' Daily Mail

'Clare Francis has serious crime-writing talent' Mail on Sunday