Out on 20 June 2024
Book cover for Assad



20 June 2024
288 pages
Imprint: Picador


Engrossing . . . Coughlin, as this fine book proves, is a careful judge of situations. . . [it is] meticulously researched and even-handed – as far as such an account can be – and has the vice-like grip of a thriller.
Useful, clear and interesting . . . a biography, but also an indictment
An important, compelling, and detailed examination of the failure of Western powers to act decisively in the early years of the Syrian Civil War and to prevent one of the worst humanitarian disasters of the early twenty-first century. In this significant new book, Con Coughlin provides a superb analysis of the West’s policy missteps and the tragic consequences of them.
Fascinating, timely and sharp, Con Coughlin delivers a lucid portrait of the brutal power games and byzantine conspiracies of Syria's Assad dynasty.