Released on 03 September 2010.

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Mock the Week

1001 Scenes We'd Like to See

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Scenes We’d Like to See is the very first Mock the Week book, published to coincide with the sixth series of the hit BBC2 comedy show. From gloriously rude ‘Unfortunate names for race horses’ to ‘Unlikely personal ads’ and lines that (sadly) never appeared in the Harry Potter books, Mock the Week: Scenes We’d Like to See is the fastest, funniest read of the year: a bumper book of all-new razor-sharp one-liners, including:

UNLIKELY MEDICAL LABELS: No rabbits were harmed during the testing of this product – but the rats were less lucky.


UNLIKELY HOROSCOPES: You will go to your bedroom window and stand there naked for a minute, you will do this especially if your name is Mrs Hughes and you live at 56, The Avenue, Clapham…around 3.30 would be best for me.

UNLIKELY LINES FROM A NEW HARRY POTTER BOOK: 'I’ve turned my cock into a frog!' squealed Ron in terror.