The Young Melbourne & Lord M

David Cecil

10 August 2017
420 pages


Modern Library’s 100th best non-fiction book of all time, and John F. Kennedy’s favourite book.

A masterful biography of the life of Lord Melbourne – Queen Victoria’s Prime Minister and devoted mentor, and one of England’s most controversial statesmen – whose turbulent marriage to Lady Caroline Lamb was one of the greatest scandals of the era.

A charming, curious and altogether idiosyncratic figure, Melbourne is the perfect subject for a biography and David Cecil – with his elegant, thoughtful style and perfect scholarship – was his ideal biographer. The resulting work is a true classic of the genre and remains the most important and comprehensive account of Britain’s most beguiling and individual Prime Minister.

This volume contains the entirety of David Cecil's two seminal biographies of Lord Melbourne - The Young Melbourne and Lord M - in one definitive book.

“A superb work of art” – Harold Nicholson

“A historian of the heart” – L. P. Hartley

The most convincing analysis that can ever have been applied to an historical personage . . .
Brilliant, beautiful, utterly absorbing.
To convey to subsequent generations the charm of a famous figure of the past is one of the most intractable of all literary operations; Lord David has managed this task with skill. The central portrait is a superb work of art.