Released on 21 September 2007.

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David Remnick is a man much praised for his powers of observation, description and analysis, and Reporting contains his very best pieces from the last fifteen years. Here is Remnick on Don DeLillo, Philip Roth and The Sopranos; and here he is writing about Solzhenitsyn returning to Russia after nearly 20 years in exile, or on the failure of democracy in Mubarak’s Egypt. Without doubt one of America's most gifted and widely read journalists, Remnick's style combines compassion, empathy, exuberance and humour, and in Reporting he brings the written word to life, describing the world with extraordinary vividness and exceptional depth.

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Remnick is a phenomenon. He has not only edited the magazine with serene efficiency for the past eight years; he has written for it a series of long, meticulously researched articles that have been gathered together in this hefty volume. And they are all excellent.
Daily Telegraph
Always up close and personal, always tenacious and informed by deep background, and always vivid and veracious.
The Times
Pin-sharp, the whole thing, and really very engrossing indeed.
Sunday Telegraph