Divided Treasure

David Williams

17 November 2016
224 pages


Llanegwen - on the coast of North Wales - used to be an attractive, healthy place for respectable people. But now it's changed beyond recognition - there's a masked rapist stalking the streets, a petty thief who's willing to take enormous risks, not to mention the anonymous businessmen who have taken over the local sweet factory after a highly convenient death...

Drawn into the factory workers' fight to save their jobs and pension funds, Treasure needs all his skills as a banker to uncover the layers of greed and deceit at the factory. And he must turn sleuth again when a saucy scamper around the shop-floor ends in a bizarre double murder. Can he get to the heart of the mystery before everything goes sour and another life is lost?

The eleventh installment in Williams' brilliantly witty Mark Treasure series, Divided Treasure is a perfectly plotted thriller like no other.

His sense of character is as keen as his sense of place, and the plot, while as thick as the sugar syrup it involves, is also completely convincing. Tasty fare.
Treasure is a likeable suave hero
An efficient, deft thriller