Mark Treasure Mysteries

Unholy Writ

The first charming mystery to feature the urbane banker sleuth, Mark Treasure.

Treasure By Degrees

The second installment in David Williams' highly entertaining Mark Treasure series

Treasure Up in Smoke

The third of David Williams' deliciously clever Mark Treasure series.

Murder for Treasure

The fourth Mark Treasure mystery, featuring murder and intrigue on the Welsh coast.

Copper, Gold and Treasure

The fifth Mark Treasure mystery, full of murder and intrigue on the streets of London.

Treasure Preserved

The sixth Mark Treasure mystery, packed full of murder and intrigue.

Advertise for Treasure

A Mark Treasure mystery set amidst the glitz and intrigue of the 1980s London advertising world.

Wedding Treasure

The ninth Mark Treasure mystery, set in the heart of the English countryside.

Treasure in Roubles

A riotous Mark Treasure mystery set in Soviet Russia.

Divided Treasure

The eleventh Mark Treasure mystery, set in the dangerous world of confectionery...

Treasure in Oxford

A Mark Treasure mystery that sees everyone's favourite banker-detective entangled in a grisly art murder

Holy Treasure!

The thirteenth of David Williams' elegant and erudite Mark Treasure mysteries

Prescription for Murder

In the 14th Mark Treasure mystery, the urbane banker sleuth gets tangled up in the worlds of medicine and big business

Treasure by Post

The 15th of David Williams' Mark Treasure mysteries

Planning on Murder

The penultimate Mark Treasure mystery, set in the grandeur of an English manor house.

Banking on Murder

The final Mark Treasure mystery