Advertise for Treasure

David Williams

17 November 2016
226 pages


When Roger Rorch, the talented chairman of the London-based advertising agency RTB, supposedly commits suicide, banker and detective Mark Treasure is certain that all is not as it seems.

Treasure's search for foul play reveals a tangled web of deals and egos - Rorch was defying his partners by opposing a £2m takeover bid by a huge New York firm; RTB's most powerful client stands to lose a fortune if the sale goes ahead; and the head of the rival Fentley agency is also deeply involved, and not just because his wife has her own key to Rorch's riverside London penthouse...

With his own bank interested in the fate of RTB, it's up to Treasure to follow the clues and overturn the coroner's verdict of accidental death - and to substitute one of murder.

A classic 'ad-land' mystery, Advertise for Treasure is the seventh installment in David Williams' brilliantly witty Mark Treasure detective series and elicited comparisons to Dorothy L, Sayers' Murder Must Advertise when it was first published in 1984.

The strongest claim yet by David Williams to a respected place among serious writers of detective fiction
Well informed [...] well contrived
Good enough to evoke memories of Dorothy L. Sayers' classic "Murder Must Advertise"