Swimming With The Devilfish

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Dave "The Devilfish" Ulliott has taken the poker world by storm since beginning to play at the age of 16. A world-class player, he is one of the most feared players on the ever-burgeoning global poker circuit. The Devilfish is a working-class man from Hull who was a petty criminal at 16, a safe-breaker who spent his 21st birthday in prison, and then a pawnbroker in Hull who’s turned his gambling hobby into a hugely lucrative career. Dave Ulliott was the first British player to win a $500,000 poker event in the US, won the first Late Night Poker series on Channel 4, and is the face of Ultimatebet.com, one of the biggest online poker sites.

This powerful and revealing book uncovers the amazing world of professional poker in Britain, and for the first time tells the extraordinary stories of the country’s top poker professionals. It is a must-read for anyone who is part of, or fascinated by, the growth of professional poker from yesterday’s illegal back-street card games to the cyberspace and television phenomenon of today.

About Des Wilson

By 25 he was the founder-director of Shelter. " " " " By 35 he had been a Fleet Street columnist for The Guardian and The Observer, and director of public affairs for the Royal Shakespeare Company. " " " " By 45 he had re-established himself as the country’s leading campaigner, getting lead out of petrol with Clear, becoming chairman of Friends of the Earth and founder of the Campaign for Freedom of Information, and running the Lib Dem 1992 General Election Campaign. " " " " By 55 he had fashioned a career in business culminating in working as Director of Corporate and Public Affairs for BAA. " " " " Now, at 65, he emerges as a poker player and author of an eagerly awaited book, the first-ever on British professional poker.

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