Book cover for Alligator and Other Stories

Alligator and Other Stories



15 April 2021
224 pages
Imprint: Picador


How does it feel to be an alien at home? . . . Sardonic, monstrous, tender, these well-crafted tales show us circumstances that might be our own, and let us see them through the eyes of others.
Dima Alzayat’s startling, often shocking stories have at their heart a profound sense of dislocation . . . Brilliant.
Alligator contains several stories of breathtaking power . . . Start reading now and you can say you were an early fan, because Dima Alzayat combines superb writing with razor-sharp imagination and focuses on social injustice, racial violence, and global immigration.
Gloriously hypnotic. These charged, visceral stories get under the skin and stay there. This collection heralds the arrival of an electrifying new voice.