Out on 09 January 2025

How To Think Like Socrates

Donald Robertson

09 January 2025
304 pages


Socrates is the most famous ancient philosopher and the father of the entire Western philosophical tradition. He spent his life teaching practical philosophy to ordinary people in the streets of Athens, yet his work has largely been left to gather dust in academia – until now.

How to Think Like Socrates is an entertaining and informative primer on the life of the great thinker – and the first book to focus on applying his ideas to our daily lives. Author Donald Robertson transports readers back to the streets of ancient Athens, expertly weaving together a page-turning account of the visionary man who eschewed material pleasures and stood by his beliefs, even in the face of controversy, with a steadfastness that ultimately resulted in his execution.

How to Think Like Socrates highlights the continuing importance of the four cardinal virtues of Greek philosophy: wisdom; justice; courage; temperance. As a practising cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist, Robertson also uses his expertise to reveal the many ways in which the evidence-based concepts and techniques of modern psychology can trace their roots back to Socrates and shows how his philosophical insights can guide and benefit all of us to this day.