Book cover for We Need to Talk About Vaginas

We Need to Talk About Vaginas



28 February 2023
64 pages
Imprint: Neon Squid


"An educational and empowering book that normalizes change and difference. With inviting sections that reflect genuine questions... Rodgers’ body-positive tone and Le Large’s inclusive illustrations make for a fun, accessible book that offers readers from any gender an entry point to understanding vaginas, their function, and their care... visual inclusivity underscores Rodgers’ resounding message: Everyone is different, and we can be proud of our unique selves."
"An approachable, empowering resource for readers undergoing puberty and approaching adolescence... Rodgers endeavors to provide readers with necessary tools to make informed decisions about the care and keeping of their own bodies. Le Large’s highly stylized and casual illustrations... [strike] a successful balance between easily absorbed content and sobering health education."
"An inviting, conversational style puts readers at ease. A wealth of helpful illustrations... makes this guide highly recommended. Not only does the art feature female bodies in a range of sizes and skin colors, it also includes a variety of abilities and identities. An important puberty resource that will leave readers educated, empowered, and feeling included."
"A frank and honest look at female genitalia and reproductive systems... great for adults who want to start a conversation."