Book cover for We Need to Talk About Death

We Need to Talk About Death

Ages 10 to 14



07 March 2024
64 pages
Imprint: Neon Squid


"This little book’s chatty warmth and calm, demystifying approach belies its intimidating title; written by one of the founders of the Death Positive movement, it covers what death is, what happens to dead bodies, the different ways in which people process grief, and global rituals of remembrance. A 7+ school-library essential."
"This really is an important book that opens up a space to talk about something that is often consigned to silence – the intimate relationship between life and death, between loving and grieving, and between celebrating and commemorating. A book to be read alone or with loved ones, to start conversations that should be at the heart of everyday life."
"Chavez opens with soothing remarks about how death is a part of life [and] touches on a series of helpful, informative topics. Likely to help normalize a universal experience."
"A good choice for introducing young people to topics of death and grieving."