Book cover for How to Raise a Healthy Gamer

How to Raise a Healthy Gamer



14 March 2024
304 pages
Imprint: Bluebird


Clear, persuasive, and rooted in the most current research as well as the wisdom of the ages, How to Raise a Healthy Gamer is the book you’ve been looking for — not only for your child but for yourself as well!
I highly recommend this calm, structured, and nurturing approach to better and less screen use.
This groundbreaking book will give you what you need to come to an informed and sensible resolution that works for you. It’s a book that will give you the strength to live within your values and that will support your hope for a family that is deeply connected.
Complete with scripts, milestones, rewards, and boundaries, this book will walk you through every step of the process to build an alliance with your child, helping them learn use their gaming strengths toward fulfillment in the world beyond their console.