Inside Out Parenting

Dr Holan Liang

18 May 2017
288 pages


Silver Award Winner - Mumii Best Baby and Toddler Gear, Parenting Books.

What is the value of our achievements without self esteem? Dr Holan Liang presents her practical approach to bringing up children from the inside out, setting aside exterior results in favour of building a core of self-esteem, resilience and social ability.

Inside Out Parenting is a witty blend of hard science from a research and professional point of view, memoir and hands-on anecdotal evidence, offering an assured route to both happiness and success. With a balance of top tips and failed attempts, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Holan Liang offers an empowering and holistic approach to parenting that champions building a strong base of 'inside things' so that the 'outside things', such as achievement in musical exams and academia, have a strong foundation and core of security, giving them a deeper meaning for your child.

I really loved this useful and fascinating book - I only wish I’d had it earlier. If I was going to buy one book for a new parent, I’d buy this one
The baseline of this book is gold dust: the only thing you need to worry about is building up your child's self-esteem and everything else will come from that...The great thing is that she [Holan] is totally approachable, in fact she is almost humorous! She even talks about how she has f***ed things up in the past.
Dr Holan Liang has written a unique book on parenting, based on her experiences as a mother and a child psychiatrist. It is accessible, immediate and unpatronising – completely rooted in scientific evidence, yet ‘laugh out loud funny’ and highly practical. It tackles what I think is one of the most important aspects for all children – how to raise emotionally literate, robust and resilient children in a world where there seems to be increasing rates of child mental health disorders including depression, suicide, self-harm, anxiety and behavioural problems.