Book cover for Inside Out Parenting

Inside Out Parenting



18 May 2017
288 pages
Imprint: Bluebird


I really loved this useful and fascinating book - I only wish I’d had it earlier. If I was going to buy one book for a new parent, I’d buy this one
The baseline of this book is gold dust: the only thing you need to worry about is building up your child's self-esteem and everything else will come from that...The great thing is that she [Holan] is totally approachable, in fact she is almost humorous! She even talks about how she has f***ed things up in the past.
Dr Holan Liang has written a unique book on parenting, based on her experiences as a mother and a child psychiatrist. It is accessible, immediate and unpatronising – completely rooted in scientific evidence, yet ‘laugh out loud funny’ and highly practical. It tackles what I think is one of the most important aspects for all children – how to raise emotionally literate, robust and resilient children in a world where there seems to be increasing rates of child mental health disorders including depression, suicide, self-harm, anxiety and behavioural problems.
A lovely combination of scientific knowledge and personal stories. Helps people understand what matters and why.