Out on 31 October 2024


Duncan Mavin

31 October 2024
352 pages


In a world where your hiding places are suddenly exposed, where do you put your skeletons? This is more than the story of a bank that failed; it's an investigation into greed, lies and unrelenting human ambition.

Credit Suisse was a 166-year-old bastion of Swiss banking. When it folded in March 2023, it sent shockwaves through the world of high finance. Why was such a big bank allowed to fail? Who was responsible? And ultimately, could it have been avoided?

Meltdown is the fascinating history of one of the biggest financial institutions of our times, which forces you to ask the question: in a modern world of free knowledge and information, will big banks ever be allowed to survive again? And, more importantly, should they be?

Unputdownably delicious . . . the British version of Bad Blood . . . [but] better
Terrific . . . shows the emptiness behind the bombast
A meticulously researched and enjoyably lively account