Out on 05 September 2024

When Haru Was Here

Dustin Thao

Age 12 +
05 September 2024
304 pages


From the author of the bestselling TikTok sensation You’ve Reached Sam comes When Haru Was Here by Dustin Thao, a magical exploration of loneliness, complicated friendships, and what it means to let go. Perfect for fans of the heart-wrenching Before the Coffee Gets Cold.

What does it mean to let go . . . ?

After the death of his best friend, Eric Ly creates imaginary scenarios in his head to deal with his grief. Until one of them becomes real, and a boy he met last summer – Haru Tanaka – walks into the coffee shop and sits down next to him. The only thing is, nobody else can see him.

Eric suddenly has someone to connect with, making him feel less alone in the world. But as they spend more time together, he begins to question what is real. Soon Eric is losing control of the very thing that is holding him together, and must confront his reality. Even if it means losing Haru forever.

Get your tissues ready, this is another heart-wrenching, stunning exploration of love and loss from Dustin Thao. I read When Haru Was Here in a single sitting, and cried at the ending. Filled with raw emotions, relatable moments, and a touch of enchantment, prepare to have your heart broken and mended by the time the story is over.
When Haru Was Here is a mind-bending, gut-punching, heart-healing portrait of grief. It's magical how Dustin Thao can make you fall in love with having your heart broken.