Out on 19 January 2023

Fall Guys: Guide to Winning the Crown

Eddie Robson

Ages 6-8
19 January 2023
64 pages


Jump, grab and fling, but try not to fall – learn how to master the levels and be the last one standing in this strategy-packed guide to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This book covers all the hints and tips you need to stumble your way to victory, or at least outlast your opponents, so that you can collect that sweet, sweet Kudos and even some crowns.

This book has everything you need to win for each type of game – race, survival, team and the all-important final – from popular tactics for specific levels to hidden shortcuts that when executed correctly will be sure to secure you a victory. Plus, it includes a handy guide to the rarest collectable skins, because it’s important that your Fall Guy looks the best, even when flailing about.

If you’ve had trouble with being eliminated early and want to conquer the chaos, then look no further as this book will help you eliminate obstacles so that you can become a winner!

With Fall Guys due to debut on both the Switch and Xbox in 2022, this globally popular game is about to get even bigger!