Getting It Right

Elizabeth Jane Howard

10 September 2015
384 pages


Winner of the Yorkshire Post Novel of the Year Award.

From the bestselling author of the Cazalet Chronicles comes Elizabeth Jane Howard's Getting It Right, a touching comedy about a young man trying desperately to get it right.

Gavin – a sensitive, shy, hairdresser in the West End – is, at thirty-one, still a virgin. He's a classic late developer, and he's worried that it's getting too late to develop at all.

Then one night, Gavin finds himself at a penthouse party and meets people the likes of which he's never come across before. Suddenly, everything begins to change . . .

Over the next fortnight, Gavin might start, at last, to 'get it right'.

Crammed with incidental pleasures . . . sometimes sad but more frequently hilarious . . . Getting It Right gets it, comically, right.