Out on 03 October 2024
Book cover for Some Like it Cold

Some Like it Cold



03 October 2024
368 pages
Imprint: First Ink


A clever, poignant and healing love story . . . Some Like It Cold is a heartfelt romance that is sweeping in its scope and tender in its emotional depth. McNicoll has crafted a powerful ode to love in all its forms: of community, of home and of ourselves – as well as the genre of romance itself.
As much an ode to the history of the romance genre as a classic yet modern love story in its own right. Achingly honest and heartfelt, this is McNicoll at her best. It is quite literally my favourite romance novel of all time.
McNicoll delivers a breathtaking story of love and joy that will keep the reader hooked until the very last page. It was such a pleasure being immersed in Jasper's world, as she navigated family dynamics, friendships, and identity issues in Lake Pristine.
A sweet will-they-won't-they rom-com set in a small town, dealing with autism, grief, love and being comfortable in your own skin. This is a cosy, heartwarming wintery romance.