Hashtag Hermione: Wipeout!

Emma Moss

Ages 9 to 11
23 March 2017
288 pages


Hermione's parents are separating - and although they're trying to deal with everything in the best way possible, it's difficult for Hermione not knowing who she'll end up living with, or where her home will be. At least she's got the school skiing trip to France to look forward to for a break from all the stress of being at home!

The Girls Can Vlog gang are all excited - vlogging about what to pack and how to look good and stay safe on the slopes. Unfortunately for them, Dakota (the prettiest and meanest girl in school) is also coming on the trip, and she's planning to do everything she can to cause trouble.

Will the Girls Can Vlog holiday fun be over as soon as it's begun?

An inspirational story about the power of vlogging - complete with tips for making your own vlogs!

Topical and up-to-the-minute, this is very much a book for today's girls.
The real strength of the book lies in the strong bond between the girls and the supportive friendship they enjoy, despite a mixture of mishaps and misunderstandings. It is this which will, no doubt, leave followers of Hashtag Hermione eager to pick up the next Girls Can Vlog offering, featuring the online dramas of yet another of the friends.