Book cover for Friends With Boys

Friends With Boys



02 November 2023
224 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


Easy-to-read slice-of-life action . . . Maggie is a likable main character . . . and her anxiety about school is well portrayed, while Hicks's black and white art is sharp and comically expressive.
Fun for kids who can appreciate stories about teen angst that do not wallow in depression or self-loathing.
Hicks excels at depicting adolescent emotion and the way feelings ricochet off the actions and reactions of others, each teenager suffering a constant and confusing onslaught of hurt and acceptance, infatuation and rejection, loneliness and relief. . .She also shows flashes of clever humor. . .But what mostly emerges is a fundamentally sweet and sensitive story, one with a rare, genuine-feeling portrait of loving sibling relations.