Island of Whispers

Frances Hardinge

Illustrated by Emily Gravett & Emily Gravett

Age 12 +
21 September 2023
120 pages


"A grown-up gothic fairy tale" — The Guardian's "five best young adult books of 2023"

"With its silver-sprinkled jacket, this elegiac story . . . is perfect"
Children's Book of the Week – The Sunday Times

The award-winning, bestselling Frances Hardinge and Emily Gravett unite for the first time to conjure up a thrilling fairy tale of ghosts and magic, highly illustrated throughout with a luscious blue ink.

On the island of Merlank, the Dead must not be allowed to linger. The very sight of their ghosts can kill you. When young Milo is thrust into the role of Ferryman following his father’s sudden death, he is the one who must carry away the Dead.

Pursued by a vengeful lord and two malignant magicians, Milo must navigate strange and perilous seas where untold threats whisper in the mist. Does he have the courage and imagination to complete his urgent mission?

From the Costa Book Award-winning Frances Hardinge, author of The Lie Tree and Unraveller, with spectacular illustrations from double Kate Greenaway Medal winner Emily Gravett, this riveting coming-of-age tale will sweep you away on an unforgettable journey.

Island of Whispers is a beautiful hardback glittering all over with silver moths, making the most exquisite gift for anyone who loves mysterious fantasy worlds and graphic novels. Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman and Kiran Millwood Hargrave.

A fabulously eerie tale that boldly confronts mortality.. the stunning illustrations by Emily Gravett cleverly capture the narrative's haunting mood.. the book is deceptively multi-layered
With its silver-sprinkled jacket, this elegiac story, part way between picture book and novella, is perfect for autumn.. with each word carefully and often surprisingly chosen, this gothic fable weaves a frisson-filled spell.
Heightened by Gravett’s blue-white expanses and stark black bricks and timbers, Hardinge’s spare coming-of-age parable is laced with her trademark wisdom and subtlety.. this is ideal for 11+ readers who enjoy highly illustrated storytelling.