Out on 21 September 2023

Island of Whispers

Frances Hardinge

Illustrated by Emily Gravett & Emily Gravett

Ages 12+
21 September 2023
112 pages


Part gothic thriller, part coming-of-age story, Frances Hardinge's brilliant, richly layered tale and Emily Gravett's extraordinary pictures are wrapped in an irresistible gift package.

On the misty island of Merlank, the lingering dead cause untold harm unless they are safely carried to the island of the Broken Tower, from where they can move on. Although his father had always told Milo he was not suited to dealing with the Dead, and could never become the Ferryman, one day he is unexpectedly thrust into the role. One of his passengers is his own father. Another is the teenage daughter of the Lord of Merlank, who, unprepared to give her up, follows in pursuit, in bigger boat, filled with armed men and two dark magicians at his command. Milo must face untold traps, dangers and fears as he carries his ghostly passengers across secret seas . . .

Swarms of sinister moths, strange headless birds and chillingly shrouded figures of death will keep you on the edge of your seat in this remarkable and ultimately heart-warming story of grief, family, kindness, and being true to yourself.