Book cover for Island of Whispers

Island of Whispers

Age 12 +



21 September 2023
120 pages
Imprint: Two Hoots


A fabulously eerie tale that boldly confronts mortality.. the stunning illustrations by Emily Gravett cleverly capture the narrative's haunting mood.. the book is deceptively multi-layered
With its silver-sprinkled jacket, this elegiac story, part way between picture book and novella, is perfect for autumn.. with each word carefully and often surprisingly chosen, this gothic fable weaves a frisson-filled spell.
Heightened by Gravett’s blue-white expanses and stark black bricks and timbers, Hardinge’s spare coming-of-age parable is laced with her trademark wisdom and subtlety.. this is ideal for 11+ readers who enjoy highly illustrated storytelling.
Island of Whispers is a melancholy, mist-shrouded triumph