A Power Unbound

Freya Marske

09 November 2023
432 pages


Secrets! Magic! Enemies to . . . something more? Set in an alternative Edwardian England, A Power Unbound is the steamy, spellbinding conclusion to The Last Binding trilogy by Freya Marske.

‘Sublime prose, top-notch world-building, delightfully queer’ – TJ Klune, bestselling author of Under the Whispering Door, on A Marvellous Light

Jack Alston – Lord Hawthorn – would love a nice, safe, comfortable life. He renounced magic after the death of his twin sister. But with the threat of a dangerous ritual risking every magician in Britain, he’s drawn reluctantly back into that world.

Now Jack is living in a bizarre puzzle-box of a magical London townhouse, helping its owner Violet track down the final piece of the Last Contract before their enemies can do the same. And to make matters worse, they need the help of writer and thief Alan Ross. Cagey and argumentative, Alan is only in this for the money. He’s loud in his hatred of the aristocracy and their unearned power . . . and unfortunately, he happens to be everything that Jack wants in one gorgeous, infuriating package.

When a plot to seize unimaginable magic power comes to a head on Jack’s own family estate, Jack, Alan and their allies will become entangled in a night of champagne, secrets and bloody sacrifice – and the foundations of magic in Britain might be torn up by the roots before the end.

Filled with magic, murder and romance, A Power Unbound is the thrilling third book in The Last Binding trilogy by Freya Marske. Start the series with A Marvellous Light and A Restless Truth.

Stunning – the writing is lush, the world-building is fascinating, and the romance is searing hot. I am completely obsessed with this story of unrepentantly dangerous people falling in love with one another
A delightful, twisty, endlessly charming romp. I would travel anywhere with these characters
Messy people and burn-it-down conflict . . . Marske uses the full span of the trilogy to build to a beautiful, devastating conclusion . . . Romance runs on undiluted wish fulfillment; sometimes this means give me everything I desire, but other times it means promise me that I can survive the worst