Book cover for The Dark Archive

The Dark Archive



26 November 2020
722 minutes
Imprint: Pan


Atherton doesn't falter while handling the lightning-fast pace of this story as she sets the perfect tone for each new plot twist and reversal of fortune. She also manages to give each character in an enormous cast a distinctly recognizable accent and timbre, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats as they follow along with ease.
I absolutely loved this . . . flavoured with truly unique mythology and a dash of the eldritch. Such clever, creepy, elaborate worldbuilding and snarky, sexy-smart characters!
Irene is a great heroine: fiery, resourceful and no one’s fool, she has a wonderfully droll sense of humour – much like the novel itself
Brilliant and so much fun. Skullduggery, Librarians, and dragons – Cogman keeps upping the ante on this delightful series!