Book cover for A Tempest of Tea

A Tempest of Tea



22 February 2024
352 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


A riveting page-turner, A Tempest of Tea is brewed to perfection: a deftly built world, a heist-fueled plot, a hint of romance, and a cast of endearing characters. Hafsah Faizal’s latest novel crackles with adrenaline and charm.
Slinky and witty and clever, with a lot of cosiness and a lot of claws.
A Tempest of Tea is a masterpiece, filled with phenomenal prose, impeccable world building, and a mesmerizing found-family cast embarking on the heist of their lives! Hafsah Faizal has written the kind of book you can’t stop thinking about—and you won’t be able to wait for the sequel! If you like vampires, romance, and kick-ass characters with magic weapons, unique talents, and dangerous secrets, look no further and you’ll be delighted!
All the thrills of an Ocean's 11-style heist, made even more fun with magic weapons, steamy kisses, and . . .vampires?! A rollicking banquet of a book!