The Art of Concentration

Harriet Griffey

30 November 2010
256 pages


We are all overwhelmed with technological input in our daily lives – whether it is our mobile phone ringing, our Blackberry bleeping or emails that pour in endlessly – we are all becoming hyperstimulated and unable to switch on (concentrate) or switch off (relax) because we’re all on permanent standby. As a result, we have lost the art of concentrating properly.

Luckily, this cutting edge personal development book is here to help readers navigate their way through the deluge and provides the tools we need to learn how to concentrate and focus. Rooted in scientific fact and research, it includes a detailed look at how your brain works, what inhibits brain function and concentration and covers things such as lack of down-time, distraction, poor lifestyle habits and stress. Featuring techniques and exercises to help improve concentration, it is guaranteed to help us all improve the way we work and the way we live our lives.