Mr Fox

Helen Oyeyemi

10 February 2012
288 pages


Mr Fox, by award-winning author Helen Oyeyemi, is an beautiful and immersive exploration of the labyrinthine world of imagination, storytelling and love.

It’s a bright afternoon in 1938 and Mary Foxe is in a confrontational mood. St John Fox, celebrated novelist, hasn’t seen her in six years. He’s unprepared for her afternoon visit, not least because she doesn’t exist. He’s infatuated with her. But he also made her up.

Will Mr Fox meet his muse’s challenge, to stop murdering his heroines and explore something of love? What will his wife Daphne think of this sudden change in her husband? Can there be a happy ending – this time?

‘Oyeyemi reveals a twinkling sense of humour . . . A delight’ - Independent.

Oyeyemi’s characters almost dance on their pages. This is her best, most beautiful novel yet.
Funny, deep, shocking, wry, heart-warming and spine-chilling.
Funny and fresh, piercingly astute.