Released on 15 June 2017.

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'She writes with honesty, conviction, humour and love. She points out the absurdities we've grown too used to and lets us see the world with fresh eyes.' Kate Tempest

Hollie McNish, winner of the Ted Hughes Award for Poetry, has thrilled and entranced audiences the length and breadth of the UK with her compelling and powerful performances. Plum, her debut for Picador Poetry, is a wise, sometimes rude and piercingly candid account of her memories from childhood to attempted adulthood. This is a book about growing up, about flesh, fruit, friendships, work and play – and the urgent need to find a voice for the poems that will somehow do the whole glorious riot of it justice.

Throughout Plum, McNish allows her recent poems to be interrupted by earlier writing from her younger selves – voices that speak out from the past with disarming and often very funny results. Plum is a celebration, a salute to a life in which we are always growing, stumbling, falling, changing and discovering new selves to add to our own messy store. It will leave the reader in no doubt as to why McNish is considered one of the most important poets of the new generation.

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‘[Plum] proves poet’s voice is one that needs to be heard…she continues to let it all hang out in fearless and often amusing style.Much of what McNish has to say urgently needs saying’
The Scotsman
The acclaimed Hollie McNish’s Plum immediately establishes an intimacy between the poet and the reader. A collection recounting McNish’s memories of growing up, Plum is charismatic for its revelations of warmth; hilarious and moving. Frank, rude, and innocent, this likeable voice makes for an entertaining read.
Poetry Book Society
Her rhymes have a driving quality, urgent words pinning down fleeting feelings